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My story

I am one of those pet parents who can not watch animal movies, anxious of a sad ending, and similarly, counting the hours while my dog is being groomed. And I am a long time witness that these heavenly creatures are great teachers of unconditional love.

Those feelings have brought me to an entirely different journey in my life. After years working in corporate life, I have decided to follow my passion and become a dog groomer, determined to spread this love of mine, to the care of dogs.

As a strong believer in training& excellence, I have received my  UK qualified OCN Level 3 Training & Dog grooming diploma in London, a widely recognized qualification in the dog grooming profession. Furthermore, I have completed my proficiency training at Paris, “Le Spa Petsochic”, where I had a chance to work with Jennyfer Navarlaz, who is a great expert and world-wide champion groomer.

All these experiences have taught me the crucial importance of a groomer’s attention to promoting a healthy coat, which is very important for his well-being. Therefore respecting the breed standard is my North-star at grooming. That means, I only give service which would fit & benefit the dog (and cannot accept it in any other way)…

Thus, I believe that a dog is at its most chic look when they are groomed and styled in their breeds’ standards. That’s what “ Chique by JJ” s brand purpose is all about..


Chique by JJ - Amsterdam, Nedda Nagel